About Bitcoin

What is Bitcoins? And why is it so profitable mining them?

Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency invented and has over the years maintained the position as the biggest cryptocurrency in the world. One of the mysterious about Bitcoin, is that to this day, the inventor is still unknown but is projected to be one of the richest people in the world. Bitcoin is build on blockchain technology, which allows the transactions to be completely transparent and you can track anywhere your Bitcoins has been before ending up in your Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin can be bought or earned with mining.

There is many ways you can make money by investing in Bitcoins and to get started with Bitcoins you can either buy them or start mining them and be rewarded in Bitcoins.When mining Bitcoins, you will earn a constant flow of bitcoins and can afterwards either keep your Bitcoins or convert them to the currency you use in your country.

Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency.

Bitcoins value goes up and down constantly, which creates some opportunities both to profit on short time and long term through buying and selling them.

We will go further into these on the blog, so stay tuned for new blog posts for more and exciting information about Bitcoin and mining.

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