About Us

Our passion is coming from delivering highly profitable products to everyone.

Bitcoin Mining is our Passion

Ever since the introduction to blockchains, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, we had an eye on this revolutionary technology. With the development of these cryptocurrencies, mining these have become quite profitable and with our technical expertise we have made it our mission to help others change their lives with high quality and high performance bitcoin miners.

Danish Management in International Markets

Bitcoin Minerco is owned and managed by the 2 Danish founders, who combines their skills to ensure the best possible service together with the high quality products. We run fast to offer competitive pricing with fast and free shipping, but we strive to create strong and mutual profitable relationships with our customers and wholesales partners.

Our Guaranty

High Quality Products

All our products are of the highest quality Bitcoin miners on the market. We constantly test the market to ensure we offer you the best bitcoin miners.

Key Strategic Partner

We strive to build profitable long-term relationships with our customers and wholesales partners. Let’s get on the ride of our lives together.

Top Investment Guidance

We have tested and retested all the option and can offer professional guidance, so you can invest in the right bitcoin miners and be most profitable.

Always Great Support

You always have our great support to help you with anything from advice to running your bitcoin mining operation to what to invest in next.

Our Location

Denmark Office: Ringgade 39, 7600 Struer

Our Service Area

We Ship Worldwide

Denmark Office

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